(The Center Square) – Some school choice kids in Wisconsin will continue to miss out on high school sports at their local schools thanks to a veto from Gov. Tony Evers.

The governor on Friday vetoed Senate Bill 39, which would have allowed charter school kids to play sports in their home school districts.

State Rep. Barb Dittrich, R-Oconomowoc, sponsored the plan in the Assembly. She said it’s a shame to deny all students an opportunity to play a sport. And she hinted there could be some legal repercussions.

“[This] will only serve to drive more Wisconsin students out of public schools into home school and private schools,” Dittrich said in a statement.

She also said the governor is creating a gap between home school kids who get to play, and charter school kids who don’t.

“He may have opened the state to litigation by favoring certain students over others,” Dittrich added.

The governor said in his veto message that he didn’t want state lawmakers stepping over local school leaders on matters of enrollment and extracurriculars.

“While a resident school district can enforce standards and expectations for its own students who participate in such activities, the resident school district would not be able to do the same for students or non-resident charter schools,” the governor wrote in his veto message.

Reposted from The Center Square with permission.

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