About James Wigderson:

James Wigderson is a writer living in Waukesha. He began commenting on politics and culture in his original blog, Wigderson Library & Pub, in 2000. For ten years starting in 2006, Wigderson wrote an award-winning column in the Waukesha Freeman. He was also a regular contributor to the MacIver Institute website. After a short stint as the Wisconsin education reporter for Watchdog (now Center Square), Wigderson acquired RightWisconsin. He served as editor and publisher of RightWisconsin from July 2017 to January 2021.

As a leading expert on Wisconsin Republican politics, Wigderson has appeared on national television on CNN, and on local television including WKOW-TV, WISN-TV and WTMJ-TV. He has also been a guest on The Bulwark podcast.

He is also a frequent guest on radio, appearing on the Steve Scaffidi Show (WTMJ-AM), The Jay Weber Show (WISN-AM), Fresh Take with Josh Dukelow (WHBY-AM), Central Time and At Issue on Wisconsin Public Radio, Midday with Charlie Sykes (WTMJ-AM), Wisconsin’s Afternoon News (WTMJ-AM) and the Jerry Bader Show (WTAQ-AM).

Wigderson has been an op-ed contributor nationally to CNN and The Bulwark. He has been published locally in The Capital Times, Urban Milwaukee and Media Trackers.

Always quotable, Wigderson has been interviewed by CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Dispatch, The Progressive, The Capital Times, Milwaukee Magazine, the Wisconsin State Journal and Wisconsin Examiner. He has been quoted in The Daily Mirror, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, National Public Radio, and WisPolitics.

Wigderson lives in Waukesha, WI with his wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, his two children and his four dogs.