MILWAUKEE – Noting the alarming rise in car thefts in Milwaukee are mostly the result of increased thefts of automobiles manufactured by Kia and Hyundai, two Asian car manufacturers, protesters on Saturday called for more stolen car equity.

“This racist discrimination against Asian cars must end,” said state Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee). “We have seen too much hate directed against Asians since the spread of Covid-19. We call upon Milwaukeeans to do more for racial equality by stealing more American-made and European-made cars.”

Bowen made his remarks at a protest outside Blanca Imports on Milwaukee’s South Side in front of a crowd of approximately 50 people. The state representative also asked automakers to do their part.

“Mercedes, Audi, Ford and Chrysler, make your cars easier to steal!” Bowen yelled through a megaphone to applause.

Protesters carried homemade signs saying, “steal America first” and “five-finger discount Ferraris.” Hyundai and Kia are South Korean car manufacturers. 

Also in attendance was state Sen. Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee), one of the many Democratic candidates with no chance of. As a tow truck brought in an Alfa Romeo sedan for repairs, Larson leapt upon the vehicle in an attempt to stop the tow truck from entering the import car dealership’s service department. After approximately 50 yards, Larson fell off with only a windshield wiper to show for his effort. Larson held the wiper blade up to cheers from the crowd.

“The revolution will not be towed away!” Larson declared. “No Alfa, no peace!”

The final speaker at the protest was state Rep. Jonathan Brostoff (R-Milwaukee) who pledged to do his part to end discriminatory auto theft in Milwaukee.

“I’m ready to fight racism in car theft,” Brostoff said. “When I play Grand Theft Auto for 32 hours straight, I will only steal American-made cars!”

Brostoff also identified whom he believed were the real culprits. “We need less police chasing car thieves,” Brostoff said. “If the police didn’t add to the excitement of stealing cars by chasing the auto thieves, less cars would be stolen in Milwaukee.”

In a statement following the protest, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm promised to promote more equity in car thefts through sentencing recommendations. 

“We’re going to ask judges for more lenient sentences for domestic car thefts, although it’s difficult to be more lenient than we are now,” Chisholm said.

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