In October 2021, the Lovely Doreen and I were strolling around Key West, taking a break from everything in our lives. I put the political website RightWisconsin on hold earlier that year due to my exhaustion with President Donald Trump and January 6. I was also dealing with my mother’s death and the care of my father due to Alzheimer’s disease. After making the pilgrimage to Ernest Hemingway’s home and then walking along the beach, it occurred to me that my life was still under construction. What happened next was still up to me.

The result of that epiphany, Life, Under Construction, is a twice-weekly newsletter on politics, culture, travel, art, and personal observations. It is, I admit, an eclectic collection of essays on all areas of life. It is also the most personal writing I have ever done. It is freed of the restraints of political orthodoxy, left or right, and dedicated to revealing life as it actually is.

I know that somewhere out there are readers like you who want something a little different. This is a challenge to both of us, author and audience, to move beyond the cultural and political tribalism to explore life without an ideological eye.

Every Monday and Thursday, I am emailing out the “Life, Under Construction” newsletter to subscribers – people like you – for just $6.00 per month. Or you can save yourself some scratch with an annual subscription for just $60 per year.

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And who is the “I” in all of this? I am the former editor/owner of RightWisconsin. The site was dedicated to providing a forum for Wisconsin’s conservatives to promote and debate the public policy issues confronting the state.

Prior to that, I was an education reporter for (now Center Square), a contributor to the MacIver Institute website, and a weekly columnist for the Waukesha Freeman. I was also a blogger at the Wigderson Library & Pub. I have been published in The Bulwark,, The Capital Times, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Urban Milwaukee. I’ve also been quoted in the The Washington Post, The New York Times, Milwaukee Magazine, The Dispatch, The Wisconsin State Journal, the Wisconsin Examiner, and elsewhere. I have also been a guest on conservative talk radio, a regular guest on the Steve Scaffidi Show on WTMJ-AM, and a guest on CNN and local television news programming.

For over twenty years, I have been a part of the political fabric of Wisconsin, promoting ideas while championing various causes and even a few candidates. Sometimes to my regret.

Now I’m continuing my journey, a journey that has taken me around the world and back to Waukesha. It’s taken me intellectually to the origins of our culture and to its possible end. And spiritually, I have found a new understanding of my faith even as my embrace of orthodox Catholicism has grown stronger. All of this is happening while The Lovely Doreen and I are starting a new chapter in our lives, the life of a happily married couple watching our grown children leave home.

So I hope you consider joining me on this journey every Monday and Thursday, including holidays. Along the way, I will sprinkle in a few bonus newsletters and videos, and maybe even a few public appearances. All for just $6 per month or $60 per year.


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