We’re ready to rock and roll. My new newsletter, “Life, Under Construction,” will be published every Monday and Thursday.

Picture for newsletter

I’m told that the way it will work is that you will hit the subscribe button and, for a few bucks to buy me a hot dog at a Brewers game, I will send you this newsletter twice per week to entertain and inform you.


What will I talk about? Politics, to be sure. After all, I’ve been writing about and commenting on Wisconsin politics for over 20 years. I’ve been an education reporter, a newspaper columnist, a blogger, and owner/editor of the most influential conservative website in Wisconsin, RightWisconsin.

But we, you and I, will also be talking about life outside of politics: sports, culture, family life, dogs, restaurants and travel. Expect plenty of content about travel.

And when I say “we” will be talking, this is meant to be a conversation. I want to hear from you, too. Tell me when you don’t like my jokes about Alex Lasry and Budweiser. Tell me when you think I’ve gone too far when I make fun of Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Tinfoil). Just don’t tell me you’re a Chicago Cubs fan.

So, starting Monday, August 1, 2022, this experiment becomes a full-blown actual newsletter experience, with more blood and pyrotechnics than a 1977 Kiss concert.

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