(AFNS-Milwaukee) Have you ever wanted to jump into a giant vat filled with money like Scrooge McDuck? U.S. Senate candidate Alex Lasry is going to give Democratic Primary voters that chance.

“It’s my way of introducing myself to the rest of the state and also learning about the state I want to represent,” Lasry said in an AFNS interview on April 1. “What’s more fun than jumping into a giant pool of cash?”

Lasry tried out the idea himself in his own swimming pool.

“I couldn’t believe how much fun it was to jump around in a giant pool of money,” Lasry said. “Everyone should have this much fun, I thought, so why not let poor people do it, too?”

Lasry is the son of billionaire hedge fund investor and Milwaukee Bucks Owner Marc Lasry. Both are big contributors to the Democratic Party and the younger Lasry helped bring the Democratic National Convention to Milwaukee in 2020.

“It’s too bad the Democratic delegates didn’t actually come to Milwaukee,” Lasry said. “We could have filled several convention halls with cash for the delegates to dive into.”

State law currently prohibits Lasry from actually giving people money to vote for him. However, Lasry says diving into the giant swimming pool of money will give people a chance to see how the superrich really live.

“Even if it’s just for a moment,” Lasry said. “For that brief moment, people get to touch all of that money that I get to spend every single day.”

Lasry spokesman Richard Mulamore said all precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the giant tub of money.

“We’ll be laundering the money after every use,” said Mulamore. “And we have plenty of money to use to keep the pit full of cash.”

Lasry said the giant vat of money will be touring Wisconsin starting in April.

“As soon as we buy a map of Wisconsin, we’ll be ready to go,” said Lasry.

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