Polls, both public and private, indicate that Governor Scott Walker, Senate Candidate Leah Vukmir, and many Republican legislative seats are in real danger this November. The body language from candidates and campaigns tells a similar story.

At Republican events, the crowd sizes are down (that maybe changing with outrage over Kavanaugh) and people stand there with a blank look, in total disbelief. “How can we be losing? I don’t believe it. Things are going so well.”

On TV, every other commercial is attacking Vukmir, with no response, so most Wisconsinites now believe that Vukmir, who’s a nurse, wants people with pre existing conditions to just go away and die.

Nationally things don’t look much better. The House looks lost, the Senate is in play, and the Liberal Establishment is on the verge of destroying a good and decent man in Brett Kavanaugh.

My question to my fellow Wisconsinites is, “What the hell are we doing?!”

Do we forget that in 2010 our state was running a $3.8 billion budget deficit? Democrats had just illegally raided the Transportation Fund, the Patients Compensation Fund, and massively cut state aid to public schools. Our unemployment rate was pushing 10 percent and we were a high-taxed state seen as anti-business.

In 2011, that changed!

Today, our unemployment rate is below 3 percent and has been for nearly a year. Wisconsin is now running budget surpluses and has for several years. Walker and the Republicans have cut income taxes, property taxes, and invested more money than ever before into our public schools. We’ve gotten Concealed Carry, Voter ID, defunded Planned Parenthood, and cancelled the foolish train from Milwaukee to Madison. They’ve repaid the Patients Compensation Fund, the Transportation Fund, and settled deadbeat Doyle’s reciprocity payment to Minnesota.

We just had a back-to-school sales tax holiday, a child tax credit, and the governor is proposing more tax credits for child care. This is welcome news as those of us with small kids know how expensive they are.

More people are working now than ever before and family supporting jobs are being created across our great state. From Komatsu Mining’s new $285 million facility in Milwaukee to the additions to Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac, and now Foxconn’s $10 billion investment making Wisconsin the capital of high-tech manufacturing, Wisconsin is Open for Business!

And speaking of Foxconn, the largest economic development project in the history of America, the company is investing in communities all across Wisconsin. From Racine to Eau Clare, from Wausau to Green Bay, not to mention their recent $100 million grant to the University of Wisconsin, Foxconn is investing in Wisconsin!

Wisconsin has never been doing better!

And Tony Evers?

He opposes all of it. He fought the governor in 2011 and 2012 as Walker cleaned up the mess he inherited. Evers went so far as to even sign and support the recall of Scott Walker. Evers opposed Act 10, opposed the tax cuts, opposed the child credits, opposes Concealed Carry, opposes your Second Amendment Rights, opposes Voter ID, and he’s opposed the deal to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin. Evers is proposing all sorts of new spending, without specifics to pay for it, which means only one thing: higher taxes!

So I ask you, fellow Wisconsinites, why are we on the verge of firing the leadership team that’s made Wisconsin a national leader in favor of electing the same tired old bureaucrats that screwed it all up?

Why are we willing to just defecate on all this good news?

I know many of you don’t like President Donald Trump and/or his style. I get it. I know many of you are angry government employees who can’t let Act 10 go. I kinda get that, too.

But you have to acknowledge Wisconsin is in a much better place than it was in 2010. Walker deserves your support, as do his Republican allies like Vukmir. Vukmir stood with Walker during the protests and recalls, and she’ll stand with Wisconsin in the US Senate.

The most frustrating aspect of the Senate campaign is that while Vukmir’s a nurse, it was Sen. Tammy Baldwin who ignored the opioid crisis at the Tomah VA. It is Baldwin who is complacent in the smear of Kavanaugh, and it is Baldwin whose far-left voting record means the Madison isthmus is well represented on Capitol Hill. But the rest of us? Not so much.

So Wisconsin, are we really going to reward the Democrats and their resist movement, the walk outs, protests, recalls, and slanders?

I say no!

Vote Republican. We’re accomplishing too much to turn back now!

[avatar user=”Rohn Bishop” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” /]Rohn Bishop is Chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County.

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