(AFNS-Hollywood, CA) HBO Films announced Thursday, April 1, a new version of the Superman story will be told with footage cut from the original release of Man of Steel.

“I’m so excited that HBO is giving me this chance to really expand on my vision of what a visitor from Krypton would mean to the people of Earth,” said Man of Steel director Zach Snyder.

The planned re-editing of Man of Steel will lead to a more complete story, according to HBO Films spokesman Kesh Kau.

“After talking with Snyder about his original vision, we’re excited that fans will get to see Man of Steel as it was originally intended,” Kau said.

Kau said the new film will be a 24-hour “blockbuster” that will show the full effect of a conflict between super beings.

“Expect a lot more explosions with more mass destruction,” Kau said. “Fans will see whole cities destroyed, tragic death and destruction, in an unstoppable parade of violence never seen in an comic book.”

Snyder said he is not expecting the 24-hour length to be a deterrent to fans wanting to see the new version of Man of Steel.

“After a while, with all of the buildings collapsing on top of people, trains full of people dying, and general destruction from one end of the world to the other, the fans will get kind of numb to the whole experience,” Snyder said.

Snyder also said the new version will include footage that will make the film more inclusive.

“Why should we only see American cities getting destroyed?” Snyder said. “By giving us 24 hours we can see cities in every part of the world getting destroyed in graphic, depressing detail.”

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