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Dear Readers,

First, I want to thank everyone else in the media for not contacting my mom regarding anything controversial I may have said or done. But, if I ever do need my mom to defend me, it’s nice to know that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other media outlets will not only run the letter nearly verbatim, they won’t even bother verifying the letter’s authenticity for a couple of days or ask anyone mentioned in the letter about what my mom said.

For those of you who missed it, Randy Bryce, the Democratic candidate for congress in Wisconsin’s 1st district, has been the subject of national attention when his brother, James, appeared in an ad criticizing Randy. James is a police officer and he wasn’t happy that Randy compared police officers to terrorists on Twitter.

To be fair to Randy, if you were arrested nine times, you might begin to resent the police, too.

Apparently Randy Bryce’s mom, the Ma Powers of this drama, was unhappy last week when her other son appeared in an ad criticizing Randy. She wrote a letter criticizing Republicans for running the ad even though it was actually written by her son, James.

But as much trouble as Randy Bryce has been in, we’re sure his mother must be feeling reassured that he’s being watched over very carefully these days by a somewhat responsible adult, Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI02). Pocan is practically Bryce’s constant companion on the campaign trail making sure Bryce doesn’t make the same mistakes he did earlier in his campaign.

We’ve already reported on how Pocan tried to keep the Democratic primary field clear for Bryce by trying to keep state Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) from running for congress. Barca did, eventually, decide to keep out of the race.

Now Pocan is accompanying Bryce to media interviews like a helicopter parent. The Racine Journal Times actually interviewed both of them, rather than just the candidate, to find out Bryce’s positions on the issues. (Seriously, what kind of journalist allows this?) And when Bryce needed a spokesman to denounce the new television ad starring his brother, Pocan was there to lend a hand.

Maybe that’s why Bryce’s previous campaign spokesman left for the Cynthia Nixon campaign (there’s a career move). She wasn’t needed as long as Pocan was around. We have to wonder if Pocan is getting paid union scale for all of this campaign work on Bryce’s behalf. (Given the Hollywood influence on the campaign, does the staff have to join the Screen Actors Guild?)

Perhaps the real reason Bryce had to cancel a Hollywood fundraiser with Hugo Chavez pal Sean Penn and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Mark Ruffalo was because Pocan couldn’t go along as a chaperone.

But now that we know that Pocan will be the real representative for the 1st congressional district if Bryce is elected, shouldn’t the Republican candidate Bryan Steil insist Pocan appear at their first debate instead of Bryce? Voters in the 1st congressional district should know what kind of representation they’re really going to get if they vote for the Democrat: a liberal from Madison.

James Wigderson

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