Edge Messaging’s Brian Fraley interviewed Charlie Sykes, former WTMJ-AM radio host, author, MSNBC pundit, Weekly Standard Senior Editor and former RightWisconsin editor about life after a daily radio show. Fraley asked Sykes if he has any regrets. Sykes said he has no regrets over supporting Governor Scott Walker and House Speaker Paul Ryan, but Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, on the other hand, was a Frankenstein monster. Sykes also talked about being Never Trump, the personal cost, and the price that conservatives have paid by supporting President Donald Trump by lowering their standards.

“To be essentially accused of being a traitor over this one candidacy was kind of surprising,” said Sykes. “I understand what we do is controversial. I understand that I take very very strong stands, so I’m not a snowflake when it comes to all of that. It’s just that there were some people who allowed this to affect personal relationships and then there are others who have not.”

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