(AFNS-Milwaukee) The number of people infected with Covid-19 may be on the decline while the number of vaccinated Wisconsinites continues to grow, but the Milwaukee Brewers are taking no chances with their most precious asset.

On Thursday, April 1, the Brewers organization announced their plan to ensure broadcaster Bob Uecker’s safety from possible infection at the ballpark.

“No member of the Brewers family is more precious to the players, team management and the fans than Bob Uecker,” Brewers physician Dr. Cayman Strickout said. “This is why Bob will travel to and from the stadium in a special sealed ‘bubble car’ to prevent any possibility of infection.”

The “bubble car,” sponsored by American Family Insurance, will be completely wrapped in packaging bubble wrap and face masks provided by Kwik Trip. In addition, Uecker will be wheeled on a special bubble-wrapped cart from the parking lot to the freight elevator where he will taken to the press box level at American Family Field.

“If that’s what the Brewers want, I’m game,” said the 87-year-old broadcaster affectionately known as Mr. Baseball by fans. “I just hope someone remembers to poke air holes so I can breathe.”

The Brewers organization also unveiled a human gerbil ball which will allow Uecker to visit with players before the game. Uecker will roll the ball across the field by gently stepping on the curve of the ball, allowing it to roll wherever he would like to go.

“It took some practice, but I got the hang of it,” said Uecker. “Of course, this is the second ball. I scratched the first one up by wearing cleats.”

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