(AFNS-Superior, WI) President Joe Biden announced Thursday, April 1, that he is sending Space Force Reserves to the border with Canada in Minnesota, North Dakota and the Michigan Upper Peninsula to solve what he’s calling, “a border in crisis.”

“For the last four years we have neglected to protect our country from an invasion from the North along that long, unprotected border,” Biden said in a statement issued Thursday. “We cannot allow continued infiltration along that unprotected line.”

According to the White House, Biden became especially alarmed when reports from those states reached him about the importation of oil from Canada. Biden hopes that deploying troops in those areas will stop the trucks and trains carrying oil south.

“More than the human trafficking problem along our border with Mexico, more than the infiltration of our borders by drug cartels using the gaps in our southern border defenses, we need to be concerned about the continued flow of oil from Canada,” Biden said. “We must not allow foreign hydrocarbons to continue to sneak across our border like it did under the previous administration.”

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who recently toured the United States’ southern border, questioned the Biden Administration’s timing.

“We need to investigate whether Hunter Biden’s business interests in solar energy in Saskatchewan are influencing the White House’s decision making,” Johnson said. “Who benefits from this decision? Venezuela and China.”

Johnson said if Biden was really concerned with securing the northern border, the administration would ban the importation of Canadian paper used to manufacture fake ballots which may have influenced the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

“I’m not saying it did,” Johnson said. “I’m just saying that there are a lot of Wisconsinites wondering about all of those Canadian Pacific railway cars.”

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