Everybody is going to have to get new yard signs. The classic Scott Walker for Governor logo is gone. 

The new logo replaces:

The new logo is supposed to remind voters of the progress the state has made under his leadership, and it includes the state motto, “forward.”

From the campaign press release:

The logo, unveiled this morning on social media, was accompanied by the promotion of a new camouflage hat featuring the logo for sale as deer season continues to ramp up in our state.

“Check out our new logo – and if you’re ready to keep moving WI forward, join the fight!” Gov. Walker said as he introduced the logo on Twitter.

With more people working than ever before, a budget that both cuts taxes and makes record investments in education, and companies creating jobs across the state, Wisconsin’s future is bright as a result of Gov. Walker’s bold reforms. He’s ready to keep fighting for hard-working families to keep moving Wisconsin forward.

The red arrow pointing to the right forms part of a star made by the “W” in Walker.

As for the camouflage hat for deer hunting, shouldn’t it be blaze orange?

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