Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is announcing today a new advertising campaign targeting Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin on the issue of tax reform.

“Hard-working Wisconsinites are reminded with each and every paycheck that our tax system is fundamentally rigged against them,” said Eric Bott, the state director for AFP. “Tammy Baldwin knows full well the tax code is broken but in 16 years in Washington she has done virtually nothing to fix it.”

The television advertising campaign,  “a seven-figure investment” according to AFP, will ask viewers to contact Baldwin and urge her to support the tax reform framework unveiled by congressional leaders last week.

People are sick of politics.
I am too. But fixing our broken tax system isn’t about politics – it’s about helping people.
It means the powerful, the well-connected, politicians — they’ll stop benefiting from a rigged system.
It means everyday Americans will have more to spend on what’s important to them.
That’s what tax reform will do. So, what’s stopping us?
Senator Baldwin is standing in the way of a simple, fair tax system.

“With the framework that was unveiled last week, Congress has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass tax reform that is pro-growth and puts more money back in the pockets of Wisconsinites,” Bott said. “AFP-WI’s base of over 130,000 grassroots activists stands ready to make sure that Tammy Baldwin does not stand in the way of this historic opportunity to unrig our economy.”


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