Wisconsin Abortions Continue to Decline

“Over the past seven years, Wisconsin has seen an incredible and steady decrease in its abortion rate, and this lifesaving trend is continuing,” shared Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “The 2016 released abortion numbers reveal there were 48 fewer abortions in 2016 than in 2015. These are mothers and unborn children spared from the pain of abortion, thanks to much of the work we do here at Wisconsin Right to Life”

The newly released Department of Health Services Reported Induced Abortions in Wisconsin report shows there were 5,660 abortions performed in 2015 and 5,612 in 2016. Some significant statistics from the report are:

• 37 abortions were performed after 20 weeks gestation. The PainCapable Unborn Child Protection Act went into effect February 2016
• 798 abortions were performed in the second trimester, when the dismemberment abortion procedure is the most common
• 78% of abortions were surgical, 22% of abortions were chemical, and 0.2% were surgical procedures following a failed chemical abortion “Our work to change hearts and minds is worth every life saved,” continued Weininger.

“Wisconsin Right to Life will continue its multi-faceted programs to fuel the abortion decline so that even more unborn babies will have a chance at life.”
Media Contact: Heather Weininger 414-778-5780
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