Brian Fraley of Edge Messaging and Gwyn Guenther of the Wheeler Report say goodbye to another person in the Capitol – Rep. Bob Gannon.  Check out the interview The Wheeler Report did in July with Rep. Gannon on the Urban Revitalization Committee.

The Wisconsin Counties Association informed members at the Annual Convention about a lawsuit they are preparing to file against Pharma for the opioid crisis.  Find out more about the pending litigation.

Gwyn talked about this New York Times stories and how counties, particularly Medical Examiners are being hard hit by both prescription opioids and synthetic opioids. Read the story.

The State is doing an investigation into Pharma for the opioid crisis, and leading a lawsuit against Suboxone for opioid treatment.  What’s the difference between the State cases and the Counties?

(State Investigation Press ReleaseState Suboxone Case Press Release.)

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