Provided her health permits, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is speaking in Wisconsin tonight, something she was apparently incapable of doing in 2016 when it really mattered. Just over a year since her defeat by President Donald Trump, Clinton is bringing her book, “What Happened?” to sell to Milwaukee Democrats at the Riverside Theater.

We would joke that she’s returning to the scene of the crime, except that would mean she was actually here before, and there are actually so many locales that could be considered crime scenes in her wake, like the State Department’s information technology office.

As for “What Happened?” asking Clinton that question implies that she’s capable of giving an honest answer. Perhaps that’s why the show tonight isn’t sold out.

We’ve heard all the conspiracy theories, of course. It was the Russians spreading fake news. No, wait, it was voter ID laws. No, wait, it was hacking into election booths, even those not connected to the internet.

The real answer, of course, is that Clinton was the one candidate that could unite a political party to win an election. It turns out that party was the Republican Party, and even many who considered themselves “Never Trump” voted for him in the end.

The Democrats, on the other hand, are slowly learning just how much the Democratic Party leadership conspired against their own voters.

What happened at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) can best be described as a mob “bust out.” A bust out is when a business gets so in debt to the Mafia that it takes over. Then, like locusts, the Mafia robs the place of any assets, runs up the business’ bills to steal even more, and then the Mafia torches the place. The DNC was in debt going into the last election cycle and the Clintons took over, completely running its fundraising and organizing operations for their own purposes. They even used it to pay for a black ops operation to try to get dirt on Trump from the Russians.

Meanwhile, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was basically shut out by the DNC, a story that leaked out during the campaign causing Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign as party chairman just before the Democratic National Convention.

Donna Brazille, a Clinton loyalist herself, took over and discovered Clinton may have been actually too ill to campaign. She even debated, according to her book, trying to replace Clinton with Vice President Joe Biden or Sanders as the Democratic candidate for president.

But with so many cheerleaders in the media propping up her campaign, how could she lose?

Perhaps if the media had been a little more honest in their coverage of Clinton and her scandals, so many Democrats wouldn’t have been so invested in her winning. Perhaps then Democrats would have had more than just two Democratic candidates in the primaries to choose from in 2016. Perhaps when Democrats ask, “What happened?” the answer is just as simple as “Clinton happened.”

So welcome Hillary Clinton to Wisconsin. We’re glad you finally made it, and even more glad you’re not the President of the United States.

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