MADISON – Governor Scott Walker released his Weekly Radio Address Thursday titled “Wisconsin: A National Leader in Long-Term Care.”

Hi, Scott Walker here.

A national leader in long-term care, Wisconsin was awarded the inaugural Pacesetter Prize by The SCAN Foundation for its innovative practices in long-term care services. This includes our statewide expansion of Family Care and IRIS, which allow people to self-direct their care and work and live as independently as they are able.

By offering these long-term care programs throughout the state, we will eliminate wait lists and provide community services to all people who need home care, transportation, and employment assistance.

Currently, we are among just a few states that offer these community-based, long-term care services to children, people with disabilities, and the elderly who need them… and once fully implemented, we will be among the only states to offer these services with no waiting list.

We recognize that our population is aging. Adults age 65 and older are projected to almost double within the next 25 years, and 50 percent will eventually need a high level of assistance with long-term care services.

With this in mind, it is important Wisconsin has the necessary programs in place and services available to care for our state’s elderly and people with disabilities who will require long-term care.

Once fully implemented, every county in Wisconsin will have access to community-based, long-term care services and 77,000 people will be served.

It’s one more way we’re moving Wisconsin forward.


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