State Supreme Court candidate Tim Burns continues to court the radical left wing of the Democratic Party. According to a report on Media Trackers, Burns is seeking the endorsement of the organization, “Our Wisconsin Revolution.”

An email obtained by Media Trackers has found that Burns has reached out to “Our Wisconsin Revolution,” (OWR), a group which essentially came from the remnants of Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in Wisconsin. The group’s email says it does not openly endorse in races, only those where a candidate’s campaign has personally sought it out.

From the email:

Tim Burns, Rebecca Dallet, and Michael Screnock are all candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Mr. Burns reached out to us directly for an endorsement, triggering our process, which is to contact all of the candidates and request information. (Emphasis added by Media Trackers.)

Our Wisconsin Revolution has a radical platform, including ending carbon-based energy usage in Wisconsin by 2030, universal single-payer health care in Wisconsin including public funding of abortion, free college tuition, a publicly-owned state bank, abolish school choice, public financing of elections, free high-speed internet for everyone, and making housing a human right. The organization even supports encouraging, “electrification of  all motorized transportation.”

Tim Burns is an attorney with Perkins Coie, the law firm used by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee as a go-between with Fusion GPS, the organization that created the “Russian dossier” regarding President Donald Trump. Perkins Coie attorney Marc Elias, who acted as the go-between, was also the political fixer hired by Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin to handle the aftermath of the Tomah VA scandal.

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