Ten years ago today:

The Republican Party has moved on, from Paul Ryan to paranoia. But we can remember a different world.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel archives

Manassas, Va. – Several thousand people Saturday have converged on the Harris Pavilion in this historic downtown to witness the continued roll-out of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan as the GOP vice presidential running mate to Mitt Romney.

Ryan’s selection appears to be quite popular with the crowd that has come out to see the new GOP ticket on a sultry summer afternoon.

“I like the pick,” said Mary Metheny, a small business owner from Dumfries. “These two are going to be great for our country. They’ll bring back our country where it was, and where it should be.”

Should we mourn the world we lost? Ten years ago the brightest star in the Wisconsin summer sky was our own Paul Ryan.

Physics teaches us that when stars collapse under their own weight a black hole forms, sucking all of the light into a crushing gravity well of darkness. Physical form is stretched to spaghetti along the event horizon in an eternal hell of ever falling. It has been a long ten years and the light is gone. We’re left wondering if we’ll ever break free.

We have our memory and ten years ago, on a sunny summer day, the road ahead seemed even brighter than the star we followed with hope. Perhaps we can find hope again. But for now, we struggle in the darkness.

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