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All Over the World

This is the late edition of the Sunday Funnies because I was in Chicago Saturday night to see Jeff Lynne’s ELO at the United Center.

Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra take a “selfie” on stage in Chicago.

The Lovely Doreen from Waukesha and I have some advice for the United Center: stop virtue signaling.

I went to the concession stand before the concert started and bought a beer, a bottled water, and an ice cream bar. The food service employee took the bottled water and emptied it into a paper cup. Then she placed a plastic lid on it. For those of you keeping score, that’s two plastic items that will destroy the Earth.

However, when I asked for a straw for the water, the food service employee gave me (you guessed it) a paper straw. Hey, United Center, you’re already killing the Earth with a plastic bottle and by pouring the water into a tree-killing paper cup with a plastic lid. What difference will the plastic straw make, except to annoy your customer?

But we’re sure the electricity for the show came from windmills powered by the gentle breezes blown by unicorn wings, right?

Don’t Bring Me Down

Leaving the United Center, a disgruntled Chicago Cubs fan gave a blow-by-blow description of how the Milwaukee Brewers won Saturday night’s game in extra innings. Ever notice that when Cubs fans say Christian Yelich’s name, it sounds like Jerry Seinfeld would say, “Newman!” Yelich! Newman!

Definitely Not Mr. Blue Sky

Our last baseball share. Usually it takes a bat to put it over the center field fence:

Shine a Little Love to Your Campaign Workers

Here is the News

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel moved into the same building as the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

One Summer Dream


21st Century Man

Tell That to Venezuela. Or Illinois. Or Wisconsin under Jim Doyle. Or Milwaukee. Or…

Last Train to London

Finally, Hello Mr. Radio

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