The sad story of Bob Spindell, election commission member and fake elector, received national attention this week from Charlie Sykes’ newsletter “Morning Shots” from The Bulwark. Yours truly was quoted early and often.

Sykes commented on Spindell’s denial he was engaging in voter suppression:

Despite writing an email celebrating the suppression of black votes, Spindell is now denying that he wanted to suppress black votes, telling the AP, “I will not stand for that… The last thing I want to do is suppress votes.”

Despite suppressing black votes, of course, and then bragging about it in print.

Wigderson reminds us that Spindell’s comments are hardly a one-off:

“It’s worth remembering, too, that Spindell’s fellow Republicans tried in 2020 to throw out thousands of votes in Dane and Milwaukee Counties. Now Spindell is boasting about efforts that accomplished in 2022 what Republicans could not accomplish in the courts in 2020, effectively disenfranchising Democratic voters.”

But here is the real kicker: Robert Spindell is a member of the Wisconsin Election Commission, the state body that is supposed to oversee election integrity in the state. The commission consists of three Republicans and three Democrats.

“Ironically,” writes Wigderson, “Republicans like to pretend they’re for election integrity, but Spindell’s mere presence on the Election Commission isn’t just hypocrisy, it’s a statement by the GOP that our election laws don’t matter.”

You can read the whole thing at The Bulwark website.

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