Fox News is reporting Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI3) massage parlor tenants might be attracting the wrong kind of clientele.

“A U.S. congressman from Wisconsin made thousands of dollars by renting a property to a massage parlor that advertised on websites that list spas where people can pay for sex, Fox News has learned,” the news service is reporting.

The LaCrosse Tribune reports a statement from Kind claiming that he has never received any complaints from the police or the community regarding the business. The Tribune reports that the police were not able to substantiate an anonymous tip they received about the massage parlor, which would give this story a happy ending if Kind was not facing a tough re-election campaign.

“Recent news articles and stories have included defamatory implications regarding the operation of Asian Sunny Massage. These stories are a sad attempt to use politics in its worst way and, in doing so, to hurt an Asian-American operated business in the process,” the salon said in a statement through its lawyers to the La Crosse Tribune.

Kind’s declared opponent, Derrick Van Orden, has called for a police investigation of the business and said the situation “opens the door” to more questions.

However, while the GOP is hoping to use this against Kind, there does not seem to be any allegations that Kind did anything wrong. Certainly not on the level of some other politicians.

For example, it’s not as if Kind was arrested for solicitation of prostitution at the massage parlor and then was elected and re-elected unanimously as the Democratic leader in the Wisconsin Assembly. Now THAT would be a scandal.

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