The Racine County Register of Deeds is claiming an “honest mistake” caused her to post a promotion of a Democratic Party event on the county office’s Facebook page.

“I have asked our new Register of Deeds to take down the post,” said M. T. Boyle, the county executive’s chief of staff, when contacted by RightWisconsin.

“She indicated it was an honest mistake,” Boyle said.

The Racine County Register of Deeds is Connie Cobb Madsen, a Democrat. Madsen was appointed by Gov. Tony Evers to fill a vacancy in May.

An inquiry has been made by RightWisconsin to the Register of Deeds office to find out how the “honest mistake” was made.

The Facebook post was taken down after the county was contacted by RightWisconsin. It promoted a “Summer Event with Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes” with a picture of a “Democratic Party Headquarters” banner from the Racine County Democratic Party’s Facebook page. The event is a $20 per person Racine County Democratic Party event, a partisan event not legally allowed on government websites.

Screen capture from the Racine County Register of Deeds Facebook page.

Barnes has already been a controversial lieutenant governor. On Thursday the Associated Press reported Barnes was not honest when discussing his college education. Despite prior claims, Barnes has not received his college degree from Alabama A&M University and is missing course work.

The latest controversy follows reports of Barnes failing to pay his property taxes on time, not paying a parking ticket and losing his driving privileges, and having the state patrol act as his personal taxi service.

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