“It’s not enough for Planned Parenthood to build a new $8 million abortion facility. It’s not enough for Planned Parenthood to constantly beg for taxpayer funds. Instead, Planned Parenthood will not have enough until every pro-life law is wiped off the books and they have complete license to profit from abortions as much as they see fit,” stated Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

On Thursday, October 12th, Sen. Erpenbach and Rep. Taylor introduced a package of three separate bills that they have titled as the “Respect Women Act” to repeal pro-life laws. This package of legislation is strongly supported by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, who performed 3,889 abortions in 2016 alone.

“It would be more apt to call this legislative package ‘Expanding Planned Parenthood’s Profitable Abortion Practice,’” continued Weininger. “This just makes clear that Planned Parenthood will pursue every avenue possible to increase their profit margin through the dismemberment of unborn children.”


Media Contact: Heather Weininger 414-778-5780

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