And the $500 per person “Front Row Meet & Greet” is sold out, according to the Riverside Theater.

In case you had $500 to throw away on a chance to meet Hillary Clinton in person in Milwaukee, you’re too late. Tickets for Clinton’s November 9 appearance at the Riverside Theater went on sale on September 6 for those that registered for the pre-sale.

According to the ticket website, both the $500 per person “Front Row Meet & Greet” and the $375 “Meet & Greet” are already sold out. The “meet & greet” included copies of her book.

You can still get a reserved ticket and the book for $185, or you can get reserved tickets without the book for $145 to $165, depending on your seating preference.

Clinton’s visit to Wisconsin comes a year and a day after her election loss to President Donald Trump. Clinton lost Wisconsin with 46.45 percent of the vote to Trump’s 47.22 percent of the vote. One of the reasons often given for her loss was her failure to actually visit the state during the campaign.

A year after that failure, Clinton is coming to Wisconsin to sell her book, “What Happened?” Perhaps to punish Wisconsin Democrats for not winning the state for her, they’re being asked to pay a little more than her fans in other states to see her.

In Washington D.C., tickets were on sale for $55 and included a copy of her book. In Clinton’s hometown of Chicago, tickets for her show started at $45, according to the Chicago Tribune.

On the other hand, it’s $3,000 per person for a “VIP Platinum ticket” for some of Clinton’s stops in Canada.

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