(AFNS) – In a statement released April 1, the National Football League announced that the 2021 Super Bowl Halftime entertainment will be sponsored by Pornhub, the internet’s largest online pornography provider.

“We think it’s a natural fit for the NFL, especially after our Super Bowl Halftime show last year” said Roger Goodell. “Pornhub is inclusive of all Americans, from latex fetishes to swinging grandmas. It really is entertainment from every corner of America’s favorite perversions.”

Pornhub spokesman Randy Richard said many of the Pornhub stars are excited about the opportunity to perform various acts at halftime with over 100 million people watching, “especially those who are into being watched.”

“We think this is an exciting but obvious corporate synergy,” said Richard. “Who knows better than us about ball games and piles of people?”

Goodell admitted the announcement was timed to get the public’s focus back on the NFL instead of the Coronavirus social distancing shut downs. “After all, what can distract you more from thinking about diseases than a porn star?”

As part of the Pornhub sponsorship deal, Goodell said porn star Stormy Daniels will sing the national anthem. “Wait until the bombs burst in air,” Goodell said.

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