Over the weekend, Democrat Randy Bryce, a candidate for congress in the first congressional district, was given a birthday present by the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW). The good folks at the RPW thought that with Bryce’s frequent trips to the West Coast to raise money for his campaign against House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI01) an appropriate gift basket would be nice.

“Red Carpet Randy loves California. With Bryce spending so much time there, we wanted to make sure that he has everything he needs,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “We wish him well in Hollywood. Although, after his last three losses, it’s clear he still doesn’t understand Wisconsin voters.”

The gift basket includes:

  • Sunscreen – so Bryce doesn’t burn in the California sun
  • Chelsea Handler’s new book – so he can learn even more about his new best friend
  • Map of California – so his driver doesn’t get lost
  • California tour guide book – so Randy can see all of Hollywood’s sights
  • Copy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – so he starts to care about the Wisconsin press

Bryce’s most recent trip to the West Coast to spend time with Sarah Silverman did not go so well, according to the Daily Caller, so perhaps this gift basket will cheer Bryce up.

Since declaring for Congress, Bryce has stumbled through interviews on foreign policy questions and health care. Bryce’s personal life has come back to haunt his campaign, too, as suddenly old debts, including delinquent child support, are getting paid off as they come to light, with a lawyer for the Democratic Party acting as a go-between for one of those debts. Bryce also failed to file his financial disclosure on time and an ethics complaint has been made about him as a result.


Photo Wisconsin GOP

The gift basket sent to congressional candidate Randy Bryce for his birthday.

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