I had been planning on endorsing Waupun Attorney Kristine Snow for Dodge County Circuit Court sometime this spring. However, there appears to be a campaign in Dodge County to paint Kris Snow as a bleeding heart liberal and an admirer of the ultra-liberal former Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

Those claims aren’t true, so I decided to move my endorsement up to today.

Why am I endorsing Kris Snow?

Well, when I look at judicial candidates to support, I look for good temperament and a conservative judicial philosophy, meaning to enforce the laws as written and not to make up new laws from the bench. I’m confident Snow will be that kind of judge.

Snow is also a strong advocate for our Second Amendment Rights. She is endorsed by former conservative Supreme Court Justice Jon Wilcox. She was appointed by Governor Tommy Thompson to argue before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

Her husband has been a pretty strong supporter of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County, and I like her personally as we’ve worked together on civic groups here in Waupun, most notably at the Waupun Christmas Club.

While it is true that Snow did state on a judicial application that she admired Shirley Abrahamson, it was for becoming the first woman to reach the State Supreme Court, not for any on her decisions. In fact, when Snow argued, and won, her case before the Supreme Court, Abrahamson actually voted against Snow in the decision.

I believe the reason supporters of her opponent, James Sempf, are making these claims against Snow is that they are trying to distract from the fact he signed the Walker Recall Petition. Had that recall effort been successful, not only would have Walker’s reforms been washed away, neither Justice Rebecca Bradley nor Justice Dan Kelly would be on the high court, as both were Walker appointees.

In the 2018 Dodge County Sheriff’s race, I strongly backed Sheriff Dale Schmidt and pointed out on RightWisconsin that his opponent signed and supported the Walker recall. I’m doing the same here.

My Dodge County friends have a choice come this Spring Election. They can vote for Kris Snow, the candidate endorsed by former Justice Jon Wilcox, the candidate who had been appointed by Tommy Thompson, and the candidate who refused to sign that recall even as her business was threatened with a boycott.

Or they can vote for the guy who signed the Walker Recall Petition.

I hope voters join me in supporting Kristine Snow for Dodge County Judge.

Rohn Bishop is Chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County. All opinions are his own.

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