The national Club for Growth’s reputation in Wisconsin is tarnished – and that’s putting it mildly. Having a conservative track record doesn’t seem to matter much to them now that they’ve received a $1.5 million donation from Richard Uihlein – my primary opponent’s largest supporter.

In an op-ed for Right Wisconsin this week, Club for Growth president David McIntosh attacked me for votes that clearly demonstrate he doesn’t understand Wisconsin, or what we’ve accomplished here. As a state senator, I’ve stood proudly with Gov. Scott Walker and our conservative grassroots supporters as we’ve turned around our state’s economy, erased a $3.6 billion deficit, reduced taxes to the tune of eight billion dollars and created a business-friendly climate that has attracted thousands of new jobs.

After Republicans took control of the Legislature and the governorship in 2011, we actually balanced the budget and began implementing one conservative reform after the other. We voted for what was right, regardless of intimidation tactics. Unions stormed the Capitol, my colleagues and I received death threats for daring to put an end to the liberal policies swallowing our state. Frankly, Washington could use a few more senators with the backbone required to finish the job and achieve real results for middle-class Americans.

David McIntosh says the reason he’s supporting the former president of the College Democrats over me in this Republican primary is because I voted for the 2011 state budget that first utilized Gov. Walker’s signature Act 10 tools and defunded Planned Parenthood. He also criticizes me for supporting Governor Walker’s efforts to build a new stadium for the Milwaukee Bucks. Perhaps the Club for Growth opposes Walker’s work to bring Foxconn jobs here as well?

Wisconsin Republicans have responded to these allegedly “bad” positions by electing and re-electing me and Gov. Walker over and over again. Perhaps my opponent would have voted against Walker’s budgets? If so, he should say so.

Perhaps he would oppose the Bucks stadium and new Foxconn jobs? If so, he should say so.

Unlike Washington, where Republicans supported by the Club for Growth often talk a big game and accomplish nothing, Wisconsin Republicans have, in order: cut spending and taxes, created thousands of jobs, stood up to protectionist unions, protected our rights to free speech and to bear arms, expanded educational opportunities, and supported the best health care system in the nation.

Wisconsinites know I stand with conservatives because I’ve done it.  When it’s mattered most, I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with Gov. Walker and delivered.

Track records do matter. And the national Club for Growth’s track record for picking winners in Wisconsin is zero. In 2012, they supported former congressman and Walker opponent Mark Neumann for Congress. His bid was unsuccessful. I’d caution this line of attack on Gov. Walker and Wisconsin conservatives – we are well aware of our accomplishments.

As previously demonstrated, here in Wisconsin, we do not take kindly to D.C. meddling in our elections by throwing tone-deaf garbage in our backyard.

Leah Vukmir is a nurse, military mom and conservative with a proven record of reform who is running to bring the Wisconsin Way to Washington. She currently serves as a state senator from Brookfield.

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