The 2018 race for the Democratic nomination for governor just got more entertaining. Former state Rep. Brett Hulsey has registered as a candidate for governor, allowing him to raise money.

Hulsey told the Associated Press he plans to make an announcement this fall whether he will be an actual candidate.

“I want to make sure there’s the strongest candidate possible,” the Middleton Democrat told the AP. “I think we’ve got to put forward a real alternative to Scott Walker.”

Hulsey’s right. He would be a real alternative to Republican Governor Scott Walker. Hulsey’s a real alternative to everything.

Which Hulsey scandal story is the best? The one where he made one of his aides fear for her safety? Or the time Hulsey bought a car with campaign funds? Or the incident where Hulsey flipped a boy over in his innertube and took photos of the child?

But what do Democrats have to lose? So far, they have a businessman in Andy Gronik who has a weird story about he was never asked to sign a recall petition. Gronik not only wants to repeal Act 10, he wants to spend more money than before on state employee benefits. There’s state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers who can’t even say how many students graduated in fours years in Wisconsin. Evers favorite trick is to try to deny the existence of studies that show school choice works. there’s Sen. Kathleen Vinehout who once attacked her opponent in a four-page rambling poem.

And there’s even state Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, who was once caught in a massage parlor-prostitution sting. Maybe he can give the gubernatorial election a happy ending for Democrats, but probably not.

So what do Democrats have to lose by nominating Hulsey? Credibility?

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