MADISON – Governor Scott Walker released his Weekly Radio Address today titled “An International Game-Changer.”

Hi, Scott Walker here.

“An international game-changer…”

“A major leap forward…”

“The likes of which we have never seen here…”

These are just a few of the great comments being made by leaders in our state regarding Foxconn’s plans to invest $10 billion and create 13,000 good-paying jobs here in Wisconsin.

The new ecosystem represents the largest greenfield investment made by a foreign-based company in United States history. You heard me right – in United States history.

Direct spending by Foxconn, along with the related economic activity, is expected to support more than 10,000 direct construction jobs in our state over the four-year construction period. Once operational, the campus will support an additional 22,000 more indirect and induced jobs on top of the 13,000 people employed directly at the facility. All in all, the Foxconn project is expected to have an $7 billion annual economic impact on Wisconsin. We’re calling it “Wisconn Valley.”

Wisconn Valley will be about more than just the Foxconn ecosystem. It will represent Wisconsin’s readiness to evolve into a leader in high-tech advanced manufacturing and technology research and development. It will have an impact far beyond the site, as the company will require an estimated 150 suppliers from across the state to support its operations.

This is outstanding news for the people of Wisconsin. The fact that this global corporation chose Wisconsin over every other state in America and every other place in the world should make us feel proud. Our future has never been brighter. Wisconsin is ready.

We are ready for Wisconn Valley.


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