August 10, 2017

Garrett Marquis


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ambassador John Bolton announced today his endorsement of Kevin Nicholson in his bid to represent Wisconsin in the United States Senate. In addition, the John Bolton PAC will contribute a total of $10,000 to his 2018 campaign, which will be split between the primary and general elections. This announcement marks the first endorsement by Ambassador Bolton in a potentially competitive primary, due in large part to the significant role Wisconsin will play in maintaining the GOP’s majority in the Senate.

“As a highly decorated U.S. Marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Kevin fundamentally understands what it takes to keep America safe,” said Ambassador Bolton. “I know he will strengthen our military to eliminate ISIS and keep our adversaries at bay. I support Kevin and look forward to him being the GOP nominee because he is best suited to support policies that protect the U.S. abroad and he can defeat Tammy Baldwin in 2018.”

Kevin Nicholson issued the following statement in response to Ambassador Bolton’s endorsement and contribution to his campaign:

“I am honored to have the support of Ambassador John Bolton, one of our nation’s true foreign policy leaders. We both understand that America faces unprecedented threats to our security – and the weak stances that Democrats like Tammy Baldwin have taken against ISIS and countries like North Korea and Iran make us less safe. I understand firsthand the dangers we face as a nation, and will make the safety and security of Wisconsin families my top priority in the U.S. Senate.”

Ambassador Bolton has endorsed 11 candidates for U.S. Congress and contributed a collective $110,000 in 2018, signaling his plans to significantly increase contributions in this election cycle. For the 2016 elections, the John Bolton PAC contributed a total of $680,000 and endorsed 94 candidates, making it the most active leadership PAC in the country, and earning the PAC numerous industry awards.

In addition to his leadership PAC, Ambassador Bolton heads the John Bolton SuperPAC, which spent nearly $5M on independent expenditures in three U.S. Senate races in the 2016 election cycle.


About the John Bolton PAC ( The John Bolton PAC was founded by former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John R. Bolton to raise the importance of American national security in federal elections. The PAC will support and contribute to candidates who are committed to restoring strong American economic and national security policies that secure America’s interests in a challenging world.

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