It’s going to happen.

The long-rumored Special Legislative Session on gun control will occur, according to the man who has the authority to call it.

On a radio interview on WTMJ in Milwaukee on Monday, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers let the cat out of the bag. (35:20 mark)

“We will have a special session,” said Evers. “I’m convinced at the end of the day we will have a special session; and, we will be making that announcement within a week, maybe two weeks.”

It remains unclear which restrictions on gun ownership the Governor will push. Ban on certain types of firearms? Arbitrarily restrictive Red Flag Laws? Making certain ammunition illegal?

The Legislative Reference Bureau details:

The constitution does not permit the governor to dictate the particulars of legislation to be enacted, but the governor’s proclamation can enumerate and set forth the purposes of the subjects to be considered.

However, the Legislature is under no requirement to vote on any legislative package, even if a Special Session is called.

So the move by Evers is likely symbolic. As the LRB also notes:

The governor has the power to convene a special session but not to adjourn it.

So if it is only going to amount to a press release, what is Gov. Evers waiting for?

Listen to the entire interview, here.

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