Regulations have turned Sheboygan into a “No Growth” Zone

July 12, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – Today, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty’s Center for Competitive Federalism (“CCF”), released a policy brief and short documentary video that expose the EPA’s assault on Sheboygan County.

On September 28, 2016, the EPA proposed a rule that raises Sheboygan County’s nonattainment designation from “marginal” to “moderate.” The proposed reclassification rule received significant resistance from state and federal lawmakers, the business community that will be directly affected by the proposed rule, and even the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The policy brief, Wisconsin’s No Growth Zone: The Impact of the Clean Air Act on Sheboygan County, specifically sheds light on the ozone nonattainment designation involving Sheboygan County, the impact of such a designation on businesses in the County, the potential re-designation of other counties along the shores of Lake Michigan, and concludes by offering several immediate steps Congress can take to alleviate the onerous requirements by providing flexibility to Wisconsin to meet ozone standards.

“No regulation has been more nonsensical than the EPA’s application of the Clean Air Act’s ambient air quality standards on Sheboygan County,” commented WILL Associate Counsel Jake Curtis. “Congress can, and should, act now to provide much needed flexibility to state and local units of government. Without such action, Sheboygan County (and others) will remain No Grow Zones.”

“Far too often, the main impediment to economic growth and expansion is poor regulation, particularly those that are imposed from Washington,” added WILL President Rick Esenberg. “We’re all for clean air, but when you aren’t measuring air quality properly and are imposing restrictions on people who aren’t creating the problem, you’re hurting the economy and doing nothing for the environment. This is one example of a larger problem. We’re proud to stand with our friends at WMC and the Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce in exposing it..”

For additional information regarding the Center for Competitive Federalism at the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, including a full listing of its recent policy reports and model legislation, please visit the CCF website.

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