Gwyn Guenther of the Wheeler Report and Brian Fraley of Edge Messaging start this week’s podcast giving a shout out and thank you to all veterans.  Gwyn highlights all the veterans legislation introduced and passed so far this session. Then she throws out a suggestion about for the DNR and a Veterans Pass.

Reps. Jarchow, Swearingen, and Duchow are circulating a bill (LRB-4551) for cosponsorship to lower the drinking age from 21 to 19.  Gwyn and Brian highlight the pros and cons of this legislation.

Women in the workplace has become an issue of national attention – Gwyn starts a new portion of her podcast highlighting women in the legislature.  This week Sen. Alberta Darling – the longest service female senator and co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee. (Previous Blog post of history on women in the Wisconsin Legislature).

Gwyn finishes this week’s podcast with a short remembrance and shout out to her dad, Dick Wheeler, the founder of Wheeler Reports, Inc. who died 6 years ago.

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