Walmart: Repeal Onerous Minimum Markup on Gasoline as Part of Transportation Funding Package

Speaker Vos, Assembly Majority Leader Steineke, and JFC Chairman Nygren;

Thank you for your correspondence regarding the current public policy discussions regarding funding Wisconsin’s transportation infrastructure needs.

As you know, we were among more than a dozen entities, including Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, who wrote to express our opposition to the onerous heavy truck fee proposal.

You asked for our suggestions to help ensure that Wisconsin’s transportation system is adequate for the needs of our customers, suppliers and associates.

We are in alignment with WMC’s stated support of an increase in retail gasoline taxes up to five cents per gallon but only if the ​consumer impact of such an increase is mitigated by the simultaneous​ elimination of the minimum markup on motor vehicle fuel. This would in essence let the free market drive the revenue generation piece of this policy more than any tax increase and therefore be consistent with other reforms the current legislature has supported.

As you are aware, gasoline consumers in Wisconsin are subject to a 9.18 percent minimum markup on every gallon purchased. None of the funds from this markup go into the transportation fund and support our roads.
​Unlike gasoline taxes, none of the markup pays for Wisconsin’s infrastructure. It’s an onerous big-government mandate that hurts consumers.​

We believe that any transportation funding solution should include an immediate and full repeal of the minimum markup on gasoline.

Thank you for the opportunity to weigh in on this important discussion.

Lisa B. Nelson Director
Public Affairs and Government Relations
Phone: (608) 354-4411
[email protected]
Walmart Stores, Inc.
North Central USA
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