Governor Scott Walker released his weekly radio address Thursday titled “Wisconsin’s 100% Reduction in the State Property Tax.”

Hi, Scott Walker here.

This year, you may notice something new on your property tax bill: a big zero under the state portion of the total property tax. That’s because our state budget completely eliminates the state property tax levy.

That’s right: 100% of Wisconsin taxpayers will see a 100% reduction on their state property tax bill.

Now, as promised, property taxes will be lower in 2018 than they were when we took office in 2010, adding up to nearly $3,000 in savings for a typical household. In fact, property taxes as a percentage of personal income are at their lowest levels since World War II.

But this is more than just numbers and statistics: this is about real peoples’ lives, right here in Wisconsin.

We’re lifting the burden for senior citizens living on a fixed income, allowing them more wiggle room in their budget for living expenses and enjoying their golden years. We’re making it easier for young couples to attain their dreams and buy their first home, and we’re helping families with children who will be able to save more money to help send their kids to college, where they can pursue their passions. And small business owners will now have more money to work with to create jobs and grow our economy.

On the whole, our property tax cuts are putting more money into the pockets of Wisconsinites and helping make Wisconsin a more attractive place to live, work, and grow.

We are working and winning for Wisconsin.

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