Hi, Scott Walker here.

Wisconsin families need stability, especially when it comes to their health care.

The current state of Obamacare is unsustainable and unacceptable.

When we visited hospitals throughout Wisconsin this week in La Crosse, Green Bay, Eau Claire and Wausau, we again heard calls to act on health care.

Since Washington has failed to act on the issue, Wisconsin must lead.

Earlier this week, our Health Care Stability Plan took a great step forward.

Both the Senate and the Assembly passed legislation authorizing Wisconsin to move forward in establishing a state reinsurance program.

This market-driven, Wisconsin-based solution to rising premiums will make health care more affordable for those in the individual marketplace.

This will also bring needed stability to the tumultuous individual marketplace.

Thank you to the Legislature for passing this important legislation.

I look forward to signing this bill when it comes to my desk.

But, we aren’t stopping there.

We are also focusing on the other two parts of our Health Care Stability Plan which will bring peace of mind for Wisconsin families.

We need to pass legislation that would guarantee protection for people with preexisting conditions.

The Assembly already passed this legislation, but it’s time for the Senate to do the same.

While visiting La Crosse at the Mayo Clinic, I met Steve Dougherty and his wife Jodi.

Steve, who is undergoing chemotherapy for prostate cancer, told me that the clinic is saving his life.

We need the Senate to pass this legislation to help folks like Steve have the reassurance that they will still receive care even with a preexisting condition.

And to bring stability to our seniors, we are requesting a permanent waiver for SeniorCare which will help Wisconsin seniors with prescription drug prices.

Our market-driven, Wisconsin-based solution will make health care more stable & affordable.

With Washington D.C. failing to fix our nation’s health care system, Wisconsin must lead.


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