Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s political campaign has unveiled a new video and digital advertising campaign in advance of his actual announcement that he is running for re-election.

The video, “More to Be Done,” contains the themes that will likely be used in the campaign: cutting taxes, balanced budgets, spending more on education, and low unemployment.

Walker himself narrates the video:

Hi. I’m Scott Walker. I love Wisconsin. Every day is a chance to make things better for the people of our state.

More folks are working than ever before, because we’re open for business. Our budgets are balanced and we now have surpluses. So we lowered taxes.

At the same time we’re investing more into schools than ever before. Test scores and graduation rates are among the best in the nation.More families can afford to send their kids to college because we froze tuition. And more people have access to health care here than just about anywhere else in America.

I love traveling the state. And hearing how the things we’re doing, are helping.

But there’s more to be done. Investing in training for our workers. Helping people create jobs. Making our schools even better. At the end of each day, after all of the miles and conversations, I can’t wait for the alarm to ring to see what opportunities tomorrow will bring.

Are you with me?

The video is part of a statewide advertising campaign. Below are some samples of the expected ads:


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