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Vukmir: The time is now for Foxconn

MADISON, Wis. — State Sen. Leah Vukmir, R–Brookfield, Tuesday called upon her Senate colleagues to swiftly move the Foxconn bill so it can be voted on soon.

“I am ready to vote for the Foxconn bill and am urging my fellow senators to take it up without delay. I do not want any hesitation on our part to jeopardize Wisconsin’s opportunity for this transformative investment in our economy.

“Any reluctance to support this deal makes no sense to me. We have been presented with an incredible opportunity that puts Wisconsin workers first and will have a ripple effect across our entire state. Wisconsin wins with Foxconn.

“The fact that we even have this opportunity is a result of state Republicans’ hard work to lower taxes, cut red tape and get government out of the way so businesses want to bring jobs here. There is no room for mistakes. In today’s environment where states have to be competitive to bring jobs to their citizens, we must close this deal — and now.

“We cannot wait any longer. Let’s get this bill to the Senate floor.”



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