The latest TV advertisement from Leah Vukmir is exactly right! It has already garnered national attention and is a home run. It is unabashedly conservative. Bravo to Leah!

In a race against an incumbent, the incumbent begins with an enormous advantage. From name recognition to fundraising to ongoing news coverage, a sitting senator begins with the very things that are essential to winning. So, it is no surprise that the challenger must have the fortitude to attack, and attack and attack. That challenger must be prepared to take chances, and must take every possible path to energize her base supporters. As they say, a tie goes to the incumbent—the challenger must win by a knock-out.

Leah Vukmir has demonstrated in this opening TV/Internet spot the powerful message—in tone and content—that is essential to beating Tammy Baldwin. It has stirred things up without apology and with hard-hitting content. A gun in the picture, a ban on funding Planned Parenthood, a phone call that would scare anyone, and a reminder about the greatest point of conflict and accomplishment of the past decade—Act 10. These are the things that will win a race.

The contrast of messages between the governor’s campaign and the campaign Leah must run can not be avoided. He, after all, has all the advantage of an incumbent and can expect bucket-loads of cash and attention. Controversy in the last thing the governor’s campaign would like (albeit, many already think he should be more aggressive and more controversial, but that discussion is for another day). Controversy is the very essence of what Leah has been creating and will be creating in coming months.

There will always be those who wish to play it safe. This is no time for such a campaign. The issues are critical. Senator Baldwin’s voting record is pure progressive, liberal dogma. Her beliefs, and her record, are rooted in Madison’s most liberal university enclaves. Tammy raises funds almost exclusively beyond Wisconsin’s borders in the most liberal California and Washington circles, and her voting record makes her so far out-of-step with Wisconsin it is hard to imagine she could be reelected. Tammy is counting on a milquetoast campaign and Leah must not, and will not, let that happen.

I hope this latest ad is only the beginning of a hard-hitting, attack oriented, conservative campaign. Knowing Leah’s history—including standing firm in the place of personal threats to her family—this ad is a good start of what’s to come.

[avatar user=”James Troupis” size=”medium” align=”left” /] James Troupis is a well-known Wisconsin Attorney and a retired circuit court judge who regularly appears on the Vicki McKenna radio show.

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