6th District Democratic Congressional candidate Dan Kohl showed his true colors after he accused National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Chris Martin of “making sh*t up” in a heated Twitter exchange concerning healthcare. Media Trackers Director of Communications Jerry Bader interviewed Martin on Friday, who spoke more on the twitter exchange and his insights on the Democrats’ vision of implementing universal healthcare.

The Twitter exchange began after Martin called out Kohl for supporting a universal health care plan as stated in one of Kohl’s previous tweets. Martin also pointed out the heavy cost of resorting to the single payer system and that Kohl was effectively supporting a $32 trillion tax increase.  Kohl responded in a heated tweet:

In a follow-up tweet Martin identified his source for the $32 trillion number and asked Kohl to explain how he would pay for it, if not with more taxes.

Martin told Bader that Kohl’s failure to respond is telling:

“He offered to have a ‘real debate’ with me and decided he didn’t want to answer the first question that I felt was pretty easy, and decided not to answer that. It’s probably not the best way to kick off a congressional campaign by cussing out people on Twitter that you disagree with.

“This is what we see from Dan Kohl, this is what we see from Randy Bryce (Democratic candidate for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s congressional seat). It’s all rosy rhetoric. They want to provide universal healthcare but then when they are asked simple questions about how to pay for it, what it actually means, it’s crickets. For anyone wondering who Dan Kohl is, you might not be familiar with him recently, he actually ran for state assembly in 2008 in Alberta Darling’s old seat. He spent 300,000 dollars on an assembly seat, which is an astronomical number, and he came in third in a four way Democratic primary. He didn’t even get in the top two, so now he’s decided to run for congress and we welcome him to the race.”

Martin also spoke more on the universal healthcare system as a whole, highlighting the fact that other top Democrats don’t approve of the system and that the Democrats current healthcare system is failing:

“Even when they tried to push this Democratic leadership like Chuck Schumer came out and said no, the cost is astronomical. Even top democrats in the senate and the house know that this is a non starter for most of their members and that they would get obliterated in the mid terms if this is what they run on.”

“The way I would describe single-payer healthcare, which they call universal healthcare, is Obamacare on steroids. Democrats had their chance with healthcare, they passed Obamacare, the average premiums across the country have gone up 130 percent, some states over 200 percent. The bill has collapsed under its own weight as Republicans projected it would before it passed, and now Democrats want to take it even further.”

Martin also pointed out that Democrats still aren’t united in a response in how they plan to fund the universal healthcare system.

“I’m surprised that they still haven’t put together a coherent response on how they would pay for a 32 trillion dollar overhaul of our health care system. This healthcare system would get rid of all private insurance; it would get rid of all employer insurance. So if you get you your insurance through your job and you enjoy it and you like it, it’s going to be gone and get replaced with something that what we see in other countries failing.”

“I think the most troubling part of single-payer health care is that the federal government, bureaucrats in D.C., make every decision about your healthcare, when you receive treatment, what kind of treatment you receive, how serious your condition is, and I probably don’t stand alone in this – I don’t trust the federal government to make those kinds of decisions.”

Kohl has yet to respond to Martin’s latest tweet. Dan Kohl is running for the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman to represent the 6th Congressional District in Wisconsin.

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