It’s always fun when the gang gets back together, and that was definitely the case when President Donald Trump stopped by to rally the Wisconsin team at the Resch Center on Saturday.

Back in 2016, less than a month before Election Day, Trump asked Wisconsinites to believe in the promise that we could Make America Great Again.

Wisconsin would go on to shock the media and political establishments, voting for a Republican presidential candidate for the first time since 1984 and helping to put Donald Trump over the top in the Electoral College.

The first time Trump made his way through this part of the country, he promised to upend American politics and deliver for the forgotten men and women of America. This time around, he can point to his resounding record of success in turning that vision into reality.

“You took back your country,” the president told the capacity-crowd, which was capped at 10,000 people. “You have always been loyal to your nation. Now you finally have a president who is loyal to you.”

How right he is.

Trump promised us jobs and he has delivered. For instance, in the last full month of Barack Obama’s presidency, the unemployment rate in Green Bay stood at 3.6 percent. Today, it is at an astoundingly low 2.2 percent.

That’s a pretty good reason to celebrate, and it’s also why the president was wise to schedule this rally for a weekend. Even though it took place on a Saturday in springtime, the turnout for Trump’s rally made it seem like a Sunday during football season in Green Bay. The audience didn’t just consist of Wisconsinites, either. People all over the country have witnessed the economic transformation this country has undergone over the past two years, and patriots came from far and wide to see the man responsible for it in person.

With nationwide jobless claims at the lowest levels since the 1960s, when the country had 125 million fewer citizens, and the number of people relying on disability payments continuing to decline, virtually every American who wants a job has one.

But it’s not just job seekers who are benefiting. Thanks to all the newly-employed workers in the economy, our social security safety net is actually returning to a healthier status after spending the past several decades hurtling toward insolvency. State and local governments, which are more susceptible to erosions of their tax base when people are out of work, are also reaping a windfall.

These figures are part of a historic, sustained economic boom based on a revitalized American manufacturing sector, long-overdue deregulation, and pro-growth tax reductions. The naysayers insisted it couldn’t be done and that those manufacturing jobs were “gone forever.”

Trump, however, believed it could be done, and he’s been proven correct on all fronts.

During Obama’s presidency, average annual GDP growth rate was an anemic 1.6 percent, which was also the rate during Obama’s final year in office. Since Trump took over, though, growth has increased steadily, reaching nearly 3.0 percent last year.

Rather than help support the policies that have led to this phenomenal growth, the president’s detractors spent more than two years peddling a made-up conspiracy theory about Russia collusion in hopes of taking down his administration.

Those of us who believed in Trump back in 2016 always knew that our current economic renaissance would be the result of his policies. Now the president is asking us to believe in him once again.

Team Trump is going to win the White House again next year, and Wisconsin will undoubtedly play a major role in this outcome, but it all gets started now. One day, we’ll look back on the Green Bay rally as the start of another wild ride to victory.

Kelly Ruh, of De Pere, is the 8th Congressional District chair for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

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