Voters of the 7th Congressional District have the rare opportunity, and responsibility, to choose a new conservative congressman to represent their interests in DC because of Sean Duffy’s retirement. State Sen. Tom Tiffany has shown the character, courage, leadership and conservative principles needed to make a great congressman. I encourage everyone to support my friend and colleague, Tom Tiffany, for Congress.

Politics, on issues that matter, is a very tough business. When decisions involve billions of dollars, national security and protecting our liberties, the stakes will be higher than what Tom experienced with Act 10, and what we experienced together over the past eight years in the Wisconsin Legislature. Tom is up to the challenge.

Time and again, when the conservative agenda in Wisconsin needed a champion, Tom wasn’t just there with his vote, but with deliberative energy and purpose to advance the cause. I can think of countless examples: right to work, concealed carry, pro-life issues, transportation reform, DNR oversight, stopping the out of control John Doe laws, the list could go on.  Tom Tiffany is a public servant with the uncommon tenacity to always be fighting for action, reform and doing the right thing behind those closed doors.

I will highlight one example because it has echoes in the 7th District race…  the repeal of prevailing wage. When I decided to risk my political career and influence in 2015 as a newly elected state senator by seeking the repeal of the state prevailing wage, Tom Tiffany had my back the entire way. He did all he could to support the critically important repeal of that antiquated, terrible law with its negative impact on Wisconsin. In my opinion, any conservative candidate worth supporting in a primary should support the repeal of prevailing wage at the federal level just as Tom helped do it at the state level.

An anti-competitive law like the federal prevailing wage has a lot of supporters invisible to the public. They will praise and donate to any representative that doesn’t rock the boat on their sweet deal. Many politicians see no upside in attacking the institution of prevailing wage.

Except there is, of course, the upside of doing the right thing for the taxpayers and conservative principles. Prevailing wage’s costs are massive and unfair to all taxpayers. The benefits are concentrated in a few people who will do anything to stop change. One could say prevailing wage was a miniature manifestation in Wisconsin of the Washington Swamp. Tom did what was right despite facing an imminent election in a competitive seat. Tom will represent his constituents, not the special interests.

Tom is a true public servant. He is a family man who got into government after experiencing life as a businessman. His record shows he is proven and has the courage of his convictions to lead in Washington. He won’t be silenced by critics of the president, and you won’t find him playing both sides off each other to avoid making a hard decision. I support him and urge you to support him at the polls February 18th.

Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) is the state senator for the 20th district.

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