I’m actually surprised at how bad Governor Tony Evers is at the politics of the COVID-19 crisis.

Had Evers announced that his “Safer at Home” order has worked great at ‘flattening the curve’, he could’ve taken credit for the low numbers of COVID-19 cases we’re seeing. 

Then he could’ve started reopening the economy, while also warning Wisconsinites that there will be COVID-19 spikes, and that as we move forward we may need regional shutdowns based upon available hospital space.

He would be so popular right now (with the Republicans’ response of protesting his safety measures with guns, Confederate flags, law suits, and Trump signs) that he could’ve put our legislative majorities in danger.

But he’s just SOOO bad at being governor!

He barely leaves Madison to promote himself or Wisconsin. He should be hosting events in the Wisconsin Dells, traveling to other tourist attractions to promote our great state, reassuring people that he’s on top of this crisis and that he has a plan to slowly reopen our state and revive our economy.

Instead, Evers came out on Friday and announced that, “As much as there are people that believe that we’re going to return to the good old days – that’s just not going to happen,” and businesses need to figure that out before they can reopen. 

Could he be any more negative?

Tony Evers is a grey man in a grey suit at a time we need leadership, optimism, and hope. Sadly for Wisconsin, at a time we need a Tommy Thompson, we’re stuck with a Tony Evers. 

Elections have consequences and we get the government we deserve.

Rohn Bishop is the Chairman at Republican Party of Fond du Lac County. The views expressed are his own.

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