One Wisconsin Now and the Democrats are accusing Governor Scott Walker of hypocrisy because the Republican Governors Association, which Walker leads, accepted a $25,000 contribution from the National Cannabis Industry Association. They say because Walker is in favor of drug testing those who receive public benefits as a condition of eligibility, he shouldn’t be involved in hitting the pot growers’ stash of cash. And, of course, the story has gotten the attention from the usual media outlets because it’s a chance to try to embarrass Walker before any of them actually check the facts.

They should all have a brownie and mellow out.

One, there is no evidence Walker solicited the money directly, so the charge of hypocrisy is silly. In fact, it’s ridiculous the story is being pushed since that connection has not been made.

Two, the Republican Governors Association is made up of governors from across the entire Republican spectrum. Last we checked, even Ohio Governor John Kasich is still a member in good standing. (Speaking of people who need to be drug tested…) Given that the conservative movement is divided on the subject of marijuana legalization, and that legalization has even been endorsed by National Review, it’s not surprising that the Republican Governors Association should accept a contribution from the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Three, we suspect that the Democrats are just angry that the pot industry is thinking that their business interests might be adversely affected by Democratic policies. How dare a business group (whose product the Democrats apparently enjoy) think and act like any other business group?

Four, it’s a little rich for Wisconsin Democrats to be complaining about the Republican Governors Association being associated with the evil marijuana industry when it’s a Democratic bill to legalize marijuana in Wisconsin. State Rep. Melissa Sargent, D-Madison, even claims we could fill the state’s pot holes if we legalize the drug.

So Democrats and the media, don’t harsh our mellow with this charge of hypocrisy. People will think you’re smoking something.


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