The 2020 presidential election has become a contrasting race between the candidate of law and order and the candidate of lawlessness. President Trump has consistently championed the men and women who serve to protect our communities while the Biden campaign has been hijacked by the same characters who want to defund our police.

The 2020 presidential election is a contrast between keeping American families safe – or putting American families in danger.

In the battleground state of Wisconsin, two Democratic-run metropolitan cities are experiencing extreme lawlessness due to the radical policies that Joe Biden supports.

The city of Madison recently excluded funding for new officers in this year’s 2020 operating budget causing the chief of police to abruptly retire. In just a matter of months, the vibrant downtown area has been reduced to chaos. Businesses surrounding the capitol have been boarded up and tarnished with graffiti; many of them will never re-open. A sudden spike in violent crime and surge in homelessness has taken over the downtown.

Milwaukee, on the other hand, had a strong chief of police who was put in the crosshairs of the leftist mob when they gathered outside his home. The city caved to the mob’s demands and ultimately relieved the chief of his duties. In the week following the chief’s firing, the same agitators marched with Democratic state representatives and local politicians to the house of Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah’s girlfriend where they assaulted the officer and fired a shotgun at him.

In both instances, pressure was placed on local government officials to turn their backs on the men and women who keep them safe. And in both cases, the agitators destroyed the communities they claim they want to protect.

These stories are not unique. Variations of these encounters are being told throughout America while the radical left applies pressure on elected officials to defund the police. Protests are taking place throughout the country only to escalate into violence, politicians meeting their demands and in many cases like in Milwaukee – participating in the violence.

Only one person is taking a stand to defend the men and women who protect us: President Donald J. Trump.

This November, we have a choice. Americans will be presented the opportunity to stand with President Trump and restore the rule of law or to allow lawlessness to engulf our highest office in the land.

If the radical left can bring flourishing cities to its knees in a few months, imagine what they will do to the country. The choice is clear, will you cast your vote to keep American families safe – or will you vote to put them in danger?

Mario Herrera is the Hispanic Outreach Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, and chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Hispanic Assembly.

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