This first appeared in the RightWisconsin Daily Update on July 9, 2018.

Dear Readers,

I have a new role model, and his name is Randy Bryce. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking Randy Bryce doesn’t understand the issues. He’s a deadbeat dad. He buys fake Twitter followers rather than pay his debts and his child support. He needed a Democratic Party lawyer to negotiate the payment of a debt after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s political gossip columnist got involved.

Now we’ve learned from CNN that Bryce has been arrested nine times. Nine. Once for possession of marijuana, once for driving under the influence, and a bunch of times for missing court dates and driving after revocation.

Bryce is my hero. Because no matter how many times he screws up, his campaign keeps chugging along. For most candidates, these revelations would be fatal to his candidacy. These are the stories you hear at the end of a political career, not the beginning.

From now on, everything I do will be excused, because Bryce has shown us the way how to be a complete loser and still receive the adulation of Hollywood liberals who shower his campaign with cash.

But we have to understand, we’re told. Bryce comes a blue-collar background and doesn’t have a lot of money. His struggles are typical of what working people go through. Plus, Bryce tells us, he was going through health problems at the time.

To quote Joe Biden, what a bunch of malarkey. He only paid his past due child support when he launched his campaign for Congress. Before that, he was the brother-in-law none of us wanted, a deadbeat who skips through life without paying his debts and expects you to do it for him.

Yes, I know, lots of Wisconsinites (including current politicians) have a drunk driving arrest in their pasts. However, real working people make it a point to attend their court hearings, not come up with excuses, and not drive after revocation.

Bryce has been arrested nine times. It takes a special kind of failure to accumulate that kind of record. If you know anybody who comes close to that record, you probably don’t think, “He should run for public office.” Instead, you probably think, “I’m not going to trust that person with lunch money.”

After the most recent revelations, John Nichols at the Cap Times trotted out another column excusing Bryce’s behaviors, and you can see similar sentiments on social media.

We’re beyond the excuses. Bryce is unfit to hold public office. If the Democratic Party can’t see it, then the voters in the 1st congressional district should have higher standards in the November election and vote for the Republican instead.

James Wigderson

(Picture courtesy of Dan Deibert at Edge Messaging.)

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