Congratulations Democrats. Thanks to you, talking apes may be a preferable future. Jim Geraghty of National Review reminds us who gave a timely in-kind contribution to the Kari Lake campaign:

If Arizona Democrats aren’t livid with the leadership of the state party, they ought to be. Kari Lake was not one of the pro-Trump further-right candidates that Democrats spent big money to support in primaries — $53 million in 13 races as of mid-September, according to a review by the Washington Post — but the Arizona Democratic Party did choose to take a whack at Lake’s more moderate primary rival, Karrin Taylor Robson, at a key moment during the GOP primary…

The Arizona Democratic Party issued a press release thanking Robson for her contribution to Democrats and it had the desired affect. Democrats got the crazy opponent they wanted, except Lake may actually win the election and become swing-state Arizona’s next governor.

How important is this race? Arizona is the state that caused President Donald Trump to throw a fit when Fox News called the state for President Joe Biden. Republicans tried to overturn the results in Arizona, and who could forget the classic moment when Gov. Doug Ducey certified the election while ignoring Trump’s call?

But if Lake, another 2020 election denier, wins the race for governor, National Review editor Rich Lowry warns us the sky may just be the limit:

If she wins, and if Trump wins the nomination (couple of big assumptions there), she checks a lot of boxes as a VP pick: a “stop the steal” true-believer who, unlike Doug Mastriano and his ilk, would have demonstrated political viability; a governor from a swing state that Trump lost in 2020; a woman; a politician who has thoroughly absorbed the spirit of Trumpian politics as combat and theater; and a name that can generate big crowds.

She’d be Trump’s Sarah Palin, except the match would be much more natural.

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